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Inquire now for back country instruction summer 2014. Please put the words "canyon flying" in the subject of your email so it will make it through the spam filter.

Typically instructional sessions last for 2-4 days and can be tailored to your personal and aircraft needs. If you are interested in Idaho back country or Washington northern Cascades, please email early to inquire about instruction in your airplane.

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Some comments from previous clients:

"Thanks so very much for an absolutely great 3 days. I learned a great deal from you this weekend - about all of my flying, not just mountain flying. You teach very well, with insight, consideration and respect - from a deep well of knowledge. As one teacher to another, that is one of the highest compliments I can offer."

Karin Rodland
Richland, Washington

"After flying my Cessna 185 for over 1000 hours I thought I knew what I was doing…flying with you was like learning how to fly all over again!! Now I really feel like I know what my airplane and I can do. Thanks for a great time and valuable instruction."

Graham Dorian
Atlanta, Georgia

"I have flown with a LOT of different instructors (I am a flight instructor) and you are the BEST! I learn more in one hour with you than in five hours elsewhere. The things you taught me saved my life over and over again in the mountains of Baja and Alaska. And I would never have dreamed of going to Alaska before I flew with you, so you made my dream come true! Thanks always."

David Redway,
Portland, Oregon

"Anyone who flies here without taking your course is missing a lot, and taking a risk."

Erik Panke
Sitka, Alaska

"Flying with you in my cub was the most fun I think I have ever had…and I learned a lot. I will be back next year for sure! Thanks for the best instruction I have ever had"

Bill Conklin,
Healdsburg, California

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